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The factory was my touchstone

The factory was always my touchstone, my home ground, the place where I was energized and renewed. It might have been a sugar factory, a corn mill, or a cookie factory in Romania- it didn’t matter. It always represented the values which returned me to my roots and that which I loved most.

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Building your team

Over my career I often had to reorganize or assemble management when taking on a new assignment. I was recently asked what attributes I looked for as I built those teams. A successful team obviously needs the right skills to succeed. But beyond that, a team must have the common values and chemistry to allow them to function at the highest level. As I reflected on the question, I concluded my list was instinctive as I developed my skills and style along the way. I did not have a prepared checklist to mark the appropriate boxes, especially when dealing with urgent situations that needed new leadership. Nevertheless, every leader should consider his/her list of “must have” attributes. Others’ lists may well differ from mine, but, on reflection, the most important attributes that came to mind are  


These are very personal preferences based on my experiences and management style. To explain a bit more –

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